#150 • I don't expect people to ask me any questions. I hate catalogues and drawers.

I am an everything.I am a human being.  





"They are Painters, Engineers, Farmers, Sculptors, Astronauts, Undertakers, Roofers, Harpists, Directors, Bakers, Chemists, Politicians, Insurers, Acrobats, Explorers, Writers, Origamists, Teachers, Photographers,
And the exact opposite. And all the rest."


They are above all Themselves. Humans and beings in their entirety. They showed me their hands without the slightest of sleight. They confided me parts of their story, where they explore, live and create with their guts and open hearts. I have named them: HEARTIST.

Over the 384 interviews, fragments intertwine.

Their heartbeats and shiny eyes, synchronised.

Their lives respond to or collide with one another,

their words jostle or soothe.

Because They are simple and sincere,

because They are simple and human.

HEARTIST  is a book, a collection, a history, an adventure, a narrative, a creation and a splattering of

thoughts and snapshots of life.



Aylen O'Hagan - Interviewriter


What job would give me the opportunity to go and explore spaces and human beings, the Space itself and what makes Beings so human ?


What vector can I create to listen, transmit and tell stories, their narrators and these fleeting instants ?


Who should one be to call oneself Interviewriter, to describe oneself as an Explorer on vacation on planet Earth, and to imagine oneself as a Scientist who questions, states and seeks to check the equation 1=1 ?


I observe that to categorize is detrimental ; and descriptions cause exhaustion.

Meetings, they nourish me. Their extracts enrich me.


My footprint is unique. My footprint is ephemeral.

Much like theirs, and yours.
Maybe. No doubt. 


Unless they leave a trace.

But there might be... but Their might be.


Aylen O'Hagan - Interviewriter

1 = 1

"By creating my own exchange currency,
I transmit and believe in the equation 1 = 1.
An economic system in which

1 human being = 1 human being,

where only the human exchange counts."


"To soak my sheet of paper, touch and smell it, hear it crease, then type inked and imperfect characters on it, leaving a trace and meaning. The typewriter is my accomplice, my ally and my freedom."

Let's play.

"Through a random question or the roll of an intrigued dice, take the time to play, to enjoy, and to remember to laugh. The teeth are smiling.The eyes are sparkling.

There is always a time to play." 



“The interest people show in what I do is always important. And the proximity and exchange with these people are equally important. Truly.”
“This was a test to see what I am capable of. And today, I felt capable. It wasn’t easy to go and confront solitude, but it was vital.
I was letting my life pass me by.”




“I like to meet readers I don’t know, who come from nowhere and are my fans. It’s amusing meeting one’s audience. THEY often think I am better than what I am. A guy once said to me: 'You are the funniest guy I know’, I thought what a pity for him, but it made me laugh.”





How did you meet him?

I sent him four lines and he said 'Let's meet!'.

Your turn.

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Aylen O'Hagan - Interviewriter
Face the impossible.
Londres - 2016