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Serrières (Fr) • June/October 2016


Listen to and speak of the Human being without meeting those who produce our food, build our roofs and ensure our daily comfort would seem devoid of meaning, devoid of the essential.

Accompanied by the talented analogic photographer Guillaume DUCREUX, we recorded the touching testimony of a territory and its history.  The characters are authentic, the topics vibrant, the beings sentient and alive.

Because I believe in those who believe, those who move boundaries and those who fight to set and keep the bar high.

Félines 2016
Peaugres 2016
Félines 2016
Serrières 2016
Peaugres 2016
Peaugres 2016
Peaugres 2016
Peaugres 2016
Peaugres 2016
Charnas 2016
Serrières 2016

" Two years ago, we opened the doors to our first exhibition. We were optimists and proud to represent the Craftsmen, Local & small Retailers and Professionals from Community of the 11 Virarhône communes.  Proud, because they trusted us and followed us. They, them, you.


Optimists, as the amber warnings sounded in and above our heads and tents.  According to the news, the economy was no better than the weather. But we, from the Ardèche region, believe in the sunshine after the storm. And we believed that we were strong, too. Very strong, even. Us, all together.  Us, all, with you.


Are we prouder this year? Are we more optimistic? Are we stronger? Certainly. Certainly not. It depends. But one thing is for sure: we are stronger together. And we are here. Today. In front of you.


Since then, the weather forecast remains dubious. As does the economy. And the alarms keep pouring down. Yet again this year, our Craftsmen, our Local Services and Shopkeepers will continue to talk to you about the rain, and especially the good weather; about the economy, and especially the one in which they believe; and will ignore warnings and alarmists to serve you with their most beautiful smiles. Optimistic and radiant. For you. With you.


By opening this exhibition’s doors, you enter into the heart of your Territory, where we love to share and transmit. Share a daily life. Transmit a savoir-faire. And make History last. A history which we write together and that we want to transmit to you with both hands today, tomorrow and together.  What about you?

EDITO / Oct. 16

Exhib. Aujourd'hui, Deux mains & Vous

Community for the Professionals


Interviews and fragments of this section are not available in English yet. Nor in Esperanto or Audio-description neither.
Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to contribute with a translation in your own language, let's keep in touch here.

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