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Shake and blend the ideas, to getting the best juice.

At a terrace table, in a castle courtyard, following a conference or a performance, during an uneventful evening, during a fierce meeting filled with public authorities, in full flow on a volcano, next to a caravan, right bang at the heart of a visual feast... We never know not where nor from where collaboration ideas come from, but we know their outcomes.

Here, some examples.

Collaboration avec Aylen O'Hagan, demande d'interviews ou animation live, livre, expo
13ONZE15 // L'atteinte pourpre

Homage to the Bataclan & Terrorism Victims of 13 Nov. 2015 in Paris

Documentary - 6 min - French

They live with it. They live without. They live since.

Meet and listen to those which are sorted, filed and ranked under the "Bataclan victims" label. First and foremost, it touches the soul, it upsets and moves people. And then, all of a sudden, it ripples out, it hits you in the gut, it questions, it answers, it spreads out and suspends.

Interviews carried out in collaboration with the studio OPSEENE and the association 13ONZE15 Fraternité-Vérité.


Transmit. A territory. A savoir-faire.

Photo report / Interviews - All media

"TODAY with TWO HANDS, TOMORROW all TOGETHER. By opening this exhibition's doors, you enter into the heart of your Territory, where we love to share and transmit. Share a daily story. Transmit a savoir-faire. And make history last. A story which we write together and that we want to keep and transmit, with both hands. Today. Tomorrow. Together". 

Interviews of craftsmen, fair traders and local store tenants, in collaboration with

the photographer Guillaume DUCREUX and CANTON VIE ENSEMBLE.

CODE COLOR JAM // Street Art Festival

​1st edition Festival CODE COULEUR JAM - Bar-Le-Duc 2015

Interviews & photos

Be present and simultaneously support the first editions.

So that it is spoken about, so that we can be surprised, so that we want to come back the following year.

Bet won.

OPSEENE // Incirrina

Creating animation for the Event INCIRRINA

Anonymous interviews & Live output - 2 h

Live life full of experiences and be guided by your senses.
The interviews are unexpected. Their relies too. The guests will wait until the end of the evening to learn what the outcome of their own story might be.

Animation et interviews créés pour le studio OPSEENE.

DAVID DOLÉAC // Look at this Festival'Yeah!

​Photos & Interviews report - Festival YEAH!
Lourmarin June 2014 - Booklet 80 pages

Rolls of film and notebooks in hand, we go to investigate the Festival YEAH!. 

We come back with this book, our eyes full of looks and words, which leap out of the ordinary.

© Regards de Festival'Yeah! / Photos David DOLÉAC / Interviews Aylen O'HAGAN / 2014.

SYMBIALYS // Tell me who you are and I will tell you if..

Portrait interview - Event GAÏAVAPORA - 2015

Excerpt 5min (subtitle in English) / Long version 24min (in French)

Meet the Authors, the Creators and the Organisers of events which don't yet exist.

There it is, One there.


Interviews for the cabinet of curiosities SYMBIALYS and the event GAÏAVAPORA.


​Clients testimonials - Real Estate Agency Laurent DARNIS

Interviews / Portraits

Let's push the door open and see what's hiding inside.

The apartment. The landlord.


Interviews for the Real Estate and human Agency LAURENT DARNIS.

Do you need or have an idea for an interview?

Let's talk about it!

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